16.8 Volt Craftsman Drill Batteries

Batteries compatable with Craftsman 981943-001 Power Tools.

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Dimensions: 134.93x80.83x102.80mm
New 100% compatible,

16.8 Volt Craftsman Drill Batteries

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Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries:
  • Aftermarket Craftsman Batteries are
    100% compatible with the original tools.
  • Replacement batteries are
    100% compatible with the original charger
  • It has higher capacity than the original power pack.
  • It has less memory effect than Ni-Cd battery, i.e. longer battery life.
  • It allows higher current drain, e.g. deliver more power and torque than Ni-Cd battery
  • Fits Craftsman : 11140, 11388, 11415, 1311436, 981943-001, 973.271830, 9-11038, 973.22489, 981886-001.

Craftsman 16.8 Volt

Ni-Cd 16.8 volt,

16.8 Volt Craftsman Drill Batteries



Ni-MH 16.8 volt,

16.8 Volt Craftsman Drill Batteries
More power and torque than Ni-Cd


The mah/Amp hour (Ah) Rating

The technical definition of an Amp hour is "a measure of how much electricity flows through a circuit in one hour with a flow rate of 1 ampere". So an 18v tool might have 12 cells at rated at 1.5 volts and 2.4 Amp hours, which would produce an 18 volt, 2.4Ah battery. Now, what that actually means to you. Lets say you have a 9.6 volt battery rated at 1.3Ah and another 9.6 volt battery rated at 2.6Ah, the 2.6Ah battery could power the same tool doing the same job two times as long. The best metaphor for the Ah rating is the gas tank on a car. Depending on how you drive a car, you'll always go farther if you have a bigger gas tank . The greater the mah number, the longer the battery will last between charging.
Compatible with the following 16.8 volt Craftsman numbers
Battery-Biz B-8297 BatteryValues B-8297 Craftsman 11038
Craftsman 11117 Craftsman 9-11038 Craftsman 9-11117
Craftsman 981886-001 Craftsman 981943-001 Craftsman 982138-001
Craftsman 984886-001 DSMiller B-8297 Hi-Capacity B-8297
US Power BPT1035

16.8 volt replacement craftsman batteries and chargers are precision-engineered and rigorously tested for voltage, capacity, compatibility and safety.
Craftsman Replacement batteries have "no memory" technology that gives you 500 recharges (and more, we've heard) without ever losing capacity. And we could be wrong, but we think these do seem a little more powerful than the batteries that come with Craftsman 16.8-volt tools.

Product Description:
16.8 V Battery Pack, For Use With Craftsman Series Drills.

What you recieve:
16.8-volt nickel cadmium slide in battery

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16.8 Volt Craftsman Drill Batteries

16.8 Volt Craftsman Drill Batteries

16.8 Volt Craftsman Drill Batteries.